Mike’s Painting Service

Here at Mike’s, we paint your house to meet your utmost expectations. No matter how you look at it, Mike’s painting service is the best!

We pride ourselves in our painting, drywall repairs, and customer service. Your home or office is one of your greatest assets, so why not protect them? Here at Mike’s, we can assure you that your guests or customers will be put at ease once they step foot inside. Whether its inside or out, a great paint job could lead to maintaining the value of your home or gaining new clients.

Cabinet Painting

Mike’s Pro Painting specializes in kitchen and bathroom cabinet painting. Painting kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective way to update any kitchen or bathroom.

When painting kitchen cabinets, preparation, primers, and finishes are very important to long lasting, beautiful cabinets. Before starting, we clean all cabinets. After cleaning, we remove all doors, and number them to ensure they get reinstalled correctly.

We then sand all boxes and doors, and wipe off any dust left from sanding before starting priming and painting your cabinets. We apply one coat of a bonding primer, one coat of a stain blocking primer, and two coats of a water-based enamel. All boxes are painted in place and in your home, while doors are removed from the home and completed as part of Mike’s painting service.

We carefully suspend each door on special hangers, and spray each coating by hand. After all the doors have been properly coated, we allow three to four days of cure time. After all doors have cured, they will be installed, adjusted, and have new bumpers put on.

service service Interior & Exterior

Interior: Mike’s Pro Painting specializes in interior repaints from one bathroom, one accent wall, to the entire house. We begin by covering all furniture and floors, removing switch plates, caulking cracks, caulking around windows, and complete drywall repairs. We then verify the paint colors are correct before starting any job. After the painting is complete, we reinstall plate covers, remove plastic, check the floors, and request the customer walk the job with us to make sure they are satisfied with the final product. Not only is the paint job important to us, but so is the way we leave a customers home when the job is complete.

Exterior: Mike’s Painting service specializes in residential exterior painting. We paint fascia, soffits, siding, doors, and stucco. Each surface requires different prep work, primer, and coatings. At Mike’s Pro Painting, we feel that prep work is key to a beautiful and long-lasting paint job. We treat the outside of your home like we would the inside; keeping concrete and patios clean, checking for repairs needed, and making sure your house stands out from the rest. When done, we carefully walk the job to make sure everything is completed to perfection.

Stucco Coatings

Mike’s Pro Painting specializes in residential stucco coatings and repairs. Whether you’re looking to freshen up your existing stucco color, or change your color completely, painting stucco is a cost effective alternative to a complete re-stucco.

Mike’s team of Professional painters can also match existing stucco patterns before painting. Mike’s team starts by power washing all dirt and debris off the home or building, digging at least six inches below the dirt line, repairing any damaged area, caulking around windows and doors, and covering any surface not to be painted. Stucco painting is a two man process; one man sprays, and another man back rolls to ensure the coating is even, and forced into the texture.

As with any job, Mike’s team treats the outside of your home as they would the inside; walking the job to ensure nothing was missed, removing any tape or paper used, and correcting the landscape moved for access. For all your stucco painting needs, give Mike’s Pro Painting a call!

Epoxy Coating

Mike’s Pro Painting also does Epoxy Coatings. Having an epoxy floor in your garage or shop helps give a finished feel, and is easier to clean. We begin by extracting any oil stains, repairing concrete, and acid etching or sanding all concrete, before applying the epoxy coating. Epoxy coatings require the proper mixing, sweat time, and technique to be applied. We can apply one solid color, a sanded finish for grip, or even add colored flakes for a more decorative look!

Interior & Exterior

Mike’s Pro Painting specializes in both interior and exterior staining services. As most people know, New Mexico has a unique variety of both interior and exterior wood trim. Our team of experienced painters can take the headache out of determining the transparency of the stain, the sanding work, and matching stain colors, all while keeping odors as low as possible.

Wallpaper Removal

Mike’s Pro Painting can also remove old or damaged wallpaper. Wallpaper removal can be a long, drawn out process, so why not leave it to the Professionals? We cover baseboards and floors, and any fixtures as needed before we starting the removal process. As with any job completed, we will always clean up completely when the process is complete.

Drywall Repairs

Mike’s Pro Painting can handle all your residential drywall needs. We can complete drywall repairs of any size, from fist size holes, up to the size of a two-car garage. Mike’s Pro Painting can also match any existing or desired texture. Living in New Mexico we might not get much moisture, but when we do, it can cause major water leaks in ceilings and walls. Mike’s Pro Painting will help eliminate stress while removing damaged areas, and disposing of any debris properly when the job is complete. Don’t forget we can also color match existing paint, making the customer forget the damage ever occurred.

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